What's In a Lesson


I like to meet owner and dog before I work with them so I know what I'm getting into. The owners can also get an idea of my training methods. While other trainers charge for a consultation, I don't charge a thing. The Consultation is just for me to meet with you and your dog and see the problems or behaviors that the owner wants to work on. This is for me to make changes to my lesson plans.  This will take place in the home where the dog is at it's most comfortable. 

First Lessons

 I like to work with the dog and owner for about 10 lessons. The first few lessons seem to be the most frustrating to owners. With any bond where do you start? The basics.  This is what I call the "Back to Basics" lessons.  It's mostly for me to how the dog listens to the owner on the basic commands so I know what we need to strengthen before moving on. I always ask for lots of patience as I work though this with the owner. These lessons I will be showing the owner what they need to do and making sure they are doing it correctly.  These will all take place in the home. 


 You made it past back to basics! This is where we get to the nitty gritty of the actual problem behavior or item that the owner wants to work on.  I will have a lesson plan for each session that I will give to owner and follow as I can.  I will adjust as I see fit and will make sure to make the adjustment on the owners' for their "homework".  The rest of the lessons the owner will be working with the dog mainly.  I will show the owner what to do with their dog then they will be the ones working with them.  The dog needs to listen to the owner not to me.  Later lessons could potentially take place outside the home. 

Treats and Training

During the sessions that I am at the home I will use treats the entire time, until we decide to wean the dog off of the treats.  Which I will decide when the dog is ready.  I will provide the treats while I am there.  When I am not the owner is responsible for providing their own treats with my recommendations. 


A lot of trainers suggest certain collars and leashes and other items for training. I believe the food and the owner's encouragement and lots of determination are all that is need to train a dog.  If you ask me, I will give you my professional opinion of products but I won't require you to buy anything.  The only thing that it is required is a leash and collar.


Yes, we may not be in school anymore but this is school for the dog.  Every lesson I will give a homework list. This is pretty much just everything we worked on in that session and previous.  It is expected that the owner works with their dog at least 20 minutes and at most 45 minutes a day every day that I am not there.  With one break day (We all need one) 

Training Style

Power of Positivity

Dogs are happy animals, and they should stay that way. I solely believe in positive reinforcement training.  No dogs will ever be harmed, hit, disciplined harshly or discouraged in a training session with me.  I solely rely on treats, rewards and encouragement for the dog. 

What if the dog isn't responding?

Dogs are a lot like children.  They listen when they want to they do what they want, especially if they don't want to do what you're asking of them. If they're ignoring the command, or completely distracted they're bored and I would be moving on to something else or giving them a play break until things are better. 

If you have any questions about my philosophies contact us or check out my blog and read about how I train.

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