The Owner/Head Trainer


Dixie Dog Training is owned and operated by Brittnie Freed.  Starting in 2016, Dixie dog Training is fairly new.  Though don't let age fool you. 

Meet the Trainer

I started my training career, as I like to say when I was young. I would teach our family dog, a Dalmatian named Matty, how to do tricks.  When in reality I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life until I got Dixie. Dixie was and is my  inspiration to go back to school for dog training.  I went through Animal Behavior College's dog training course, where I not only did classroom work but I also had to do an internship with Dandy Dog Training out of Newville PA.  This is where I found my passion for with working with the pet and owner on a one and one basis instead of a group setting.  Though I want to open my own training center in the future as well as do home lessons as I am doing now. My goal when training a dog is to create a bond between dog and owner because a happy dog is a good dog and a good dog is a happy owner and a happy owner is a forever home.  

The Inspiration

This is Dixie Renee, she is a Jack Russell/ Beagle mix.  She is the Inspiration behind Dixie Dog Training.  She is the reason I'm out there helping owners and dogs bond so we can keep cuties like her out of SPCA.